“With ProDongle we know where our field service is located„

“With ProDongle I no longer have to care of the time and trip registrations„

“Outside office hours my trips are invisible for the company„

The ProDongle® is a tiny device that plugs into the ODB port of a car or van. It has a built-in GPS and mobile connection, so it’s always connected to the cloud.

The ProDongle application is accessible from any PC, smartphone and tablet and has a large number of applications. All this for a low price and no hidden costs.

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Track & Trace

Knowing where your fleet is located allows you to plan more efficiently and to respond more flexibly to changing needs of your customers. The positions are tracked every 6 seconds and in real-time displayed on professional maps with satellite images and traffic information. Read more …

Trip & Time Registration

Driving times, mileages, working hours per employee and time on location are registered automatically. Our reports give you a detailed insight into the travel times, working hours and mileage administration of your fleet. Read more …

Mileage Registration

ProDongle automatically qualifies the trips (work, private or commuting) based on time and location algorithms. Besides the time savings, ProDongle also offers you insight in the various types of mileages of your employees by means of clear tables. Read more …

Cost Effective

The amount of your insurance premiums, expenses for repairs and maintenance, tire wear and fuel consumption are determined by the driving style of your drivers. Read more …

Driving Behavior

ProDongle offers you, as a socially responsible company, the tools to objectively analyse and improve the driving habits of your employees. Safe driving leads to fewer accidents, damage and incapacities for work and … improves your corporate image. Read more …


Via calendar, workhour and location algorithms ProDongle automatically qualifies the trips as work, home or commuting. The driver can always manually correct this. The details of the private trips are, if desired, not visible to the company so that the privacy of employees is respected. Read more …

Fleet Management

Immobilized vehicles not only cause annoyance but also weigh on the profitability of your business. Configurable alarms for mileages provide a maintenance reminder by email. Even at low battery voltage or in the majority of the engine failure codes, you will be notified immediately. Prevention is cheaper than cure! Read more …

Plug & Play

With its Plug & Play installation our ProDongle is unique in its kind. No cables and no installation, just plug it in the OBD port of the car or van. In order to combat fraud, unplugging and replugging of the ProDongle is reported immediately with mention of date, time and location.

  • Thanks to ProDongle, the fuel consumption of our fleet has significantly reduced and our risk profile with the insurance company has significantly improved.

    Peter, manager of electrical installation company
  • The clear overview of private and work kilometres has a clear dissuasive effect on driving excessive kilometres outside working hours at the expense of the company and on earning some extra money on the side using the company’s van.

    Roger, financial director at a pharmaceutical company
  • ProDongle makes it easy for us to invoice and prove the driving and working hours of our consultants to our customers. Less administrative work and more transparency to the customer.

    Sophie, partner tax consulting firm
  • With ProDongle I can easily prove that I use my car only for professional purposes and I do no longer need to conduct a time-consuming administration. Even the patient’s address is automatically added to the report.

    Luc, general practitioner
  • The management of the test and replacement vehicles has suddenly become very easy. And when we receive a speed ticket, we can always assign it to the correct driver without discussion.

    Francis, senior sales concessionaire

Complete solution with no hidden costs

PanEuropean coverage with professional maps

Unlimited kms & users

Helpdesk, software and map updates included

Accessible from any PC, smartphone and tablet

Own software, integration via API available

No installation costs

“What gets measured gets done”

Hawthorne Effect
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