Registration of Working Hours

Registration of Working Hours

Automate registration of working hours

Depending on the chosen rules, the start and end of the working hours are calculated automatically:

  • Start and end of working hours depending on your company rules
  • Daily or weekly email with hours worked
  • Settlement of private mileage based on trip registration
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Driver App

The 'Driver App' allows employees to manage the start and end of their working hours. This information is included in the reporting and can be confirmed or modified by the manager.

Specific functions

  • Simple start and stop button for working hours
  • Optional consultation of own working hours
  • Optional entry of specific time
  • Optional adjustment of own working hours
Driver App
Mobility Allowance

Mobility Allowance

The report on working hours can be completed with kilometres in order to calculate the mobility allowance.

Specific functions

  • Mileage depends on company rules
  • Support for PC 124 (> 10 km)
  • Export possible for payment

Activity Report

The activity report provides an overview of a full day for a person including all trips, stops, idling, locations, etc. A useful tool to monitor the work performed by mobile employees and to improve the data where necessary for the working hours report and the mobility allowance.

Specific functions

  • Automatic recognition of domicile, permanent workshop and customers
  • Reports on idling time
  • Convenient overview of all employees by means of a scroll function
  • Export of data possible for further processing
Activity Report

Do you also want a complete product without surprises?

  • Easy to use
  • Pan-European operation with professional maps
  • Unlimited positions, kms & users
  • Helpdesk, software & map updates included
  • Accessible via any PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Own software, integration via API possible